The DSC1000 portable hostile vehicle barrier offers the same simple and effective functionality of the MP5000 series, with the added convenience and ability to be towed on Australian roads, with an appropriately sized vehicle. The simplicity of deployment, smaller footprint and third-party crash certification makes this barrier ideal for all events, of any size.

Portable Bollard Systems

The TB150s are deployable and portable crash rated bollard that can be set in place on any stable surface, in a matter of minutes. With no requirement for sub-surface preparation or ground fixation, various deployment configurations can be achieved to meet all applications. These crash certified bollards are omni-directional to meet protection requirements in single or multiple arrays whilst allowing pedestrian traffic to pass through.

  • Fully portable units
  • Deployable with conventional plant/equipment
  • No ground fixation required
  • Deployable on any stable surface such as bitumen, concrete and gravel
  • Crash tested & certified to internationally recognised standards
  • Architectural finishes and covers available
  • Single placement or in multiple arrays
  • Omni-directional provides protection from any angle
  • Clear pedestrian thoroughfare and DDA transit between units

Surface Mount Barrier Systems

For longer-term or permanent installations, surface mount barrier systems provide a certified, crash rated solution with no ground preparation required. Shallow bolted fixation achieves the required attachment to the concrete slab or bitumen surfaces, ensuring that sub-surface services or reinforcement is not impeded upon whilst allowing for rapid installation of the barrier system. Operated via a locally positioned hydraulic power unit (HPU), surface mounted systems are ideal for existing venues where rapid installation with minimal disruption to access ways are required.

  • Surface mounted system
  • 100mm shallow bolted fixation
  • Ideal for heavily reinforced slabs
  • Integrate with vehicle loop detectors and infra-red safety beams
  • Fully crash tested & certified
  • Stand-alone robust hydraulic system
  • Local or remote operational control
  • Emergency fast close and power down cycle operation as standard