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Portable Barrier Systems

Portable Barrier Systems

Deployable and highly portable crash rated barrier systems for vehicle access control and hostile vehicle protection of public events and places of mass gathering. The simple to operate and stand-alone systems allow for rapid deployment and immediate start-up in just minutes. Available in a range of sizes and crash ratings, the simple to operate and rapidly deployable barriers offer un-rivalled protection for temporary road and area closures. The MP5000 barrier boasts leading engineering technology and functionality including;

  • Rapid deployment with no foundations or ground fixing required
  • Self-contained, battery powered system
  • Ability to be supplemented with solar power, battery booster or external power sources
  • Various clear openings available including 3.6m, 4.8 m and 6m
  • Local or remote 2-button operational control
  • Crash tested and certified to internationally recognised testing standards
  • Flexible deployment configurations to suit your event and requirements
  • Reducing likelihood of WH&S issues due to mechanical functionality


The DSC1000 portable hostile vehicle barrier offers the same simple and effective functionality of the MP5000 series, with the added convenience and ability to be towed on Australian roads, with an appropriately sized vehicle. The simplicity of deployment, smaller footprint and third-party crash certification makes this barrier ideal for all events, of any size.