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About Knight Brothers

Knight Brothers Pty Ltd is a privately owned Australian high-security specialist based in Sydney, Australia.

As a Small and medium sized business (SMB) built around extensive knowledge and experience in delivering solutions to both Government and Commercial Clients, we offer niche solutions and products to meet Australian’s increasing demand for innovative security solutions. Our team understands the sensitivity around high-security elements of critical infrastructure, venues and public spaces and offers security cleared personnel to work directly with you in achieving your desired outcome.

We pride ourselves on our transparent and open approach in ensuring that our Clients’ security requirements are achieved through providing practical high-security solutions to the Australian market.


As specialist in high-security measures, we provide integrated solutions for the protection of venues, temporary events and places of mass gatherings in line with the general requirements of the ANZCTC recommendations.

Knight Brothers manages risk analysis and design with a focus on providing physical protection solutions and details to suit our Client’s needs. This service is extended through alignments with Australian and Overseas specialist security/risk consultants, engineers and designers offer enable a truly integrated approach including;

  • Mapping out your physical security requirements
  • Integration of leading technologies and practices to your event, venue or assets
  • Managing delivery and Australian compliance of high-security products
  • Operational commissioning and end-user training of specialist products
  • On-going maintenance and servicing of our product offerings

Knight Brothers capability to offer an integrated service from risk assessment, conceptual proposal, design, delivery and commission interfaces between multiple parties, and allows clients to deal with one entity.


As the sole Australian Agent of Delta Scientific Corporation, our team is experienced the integration, delivery and commissioning of hostile vehicle mitigation products. Trained to deploy and maintain HVM systems, we provide a fully encompassed approach to ensuring that the product suits your security and operational needs. Our product offering extends to;

  • Supply and integration of Delta Scientific Corporation HVM systems
  • Globally freight for direct Client delivery through Commonwealth Agency listed logistics providers
  • Safe Work Methods Statements (SWMS) and operational procedures in line with Australian best-practise for all temporary HVM barriers
  • Short-term Rental of a range of Temporary Hostile Vehicle Mitigation Barriers