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Providing integrated solutions for the protection of venues, temporary events and crowded gatherings.

Based in Sydney, our consultation services and product hire can assit you with portable barriers systems, portable bollard systems and surface mount barrier systems.  We can help with strategies for the integration of perimeter security and our team provides ongoing maintenance and servicing.

Portable Barrier Systems

Portable Barrier Systems

Deployable and highly portable crash rated barrier systems for vehicle access control and hostile vehicle protection of public events and places of mass gathering. This simple to operate and stand-alone systems allows for rapid deployment and immediate start-up in just minutes.

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Portable Bollard Systems

The TB150s are deployable and portable crash rated bollard that can be set in place on any stable surface, in a matter of minutes.

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Surface Mount Systems

For longer-term or permanent installations, surface mount barrier systems provide a certified, crash rated solution with no ground preparation required.

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Innovative hardening solutions for high value assets and places of mass gathering

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“Risk Group has a long association with Knight Brothers who support our risk assessment work with a range of engineering advice, particularly in the analysis and design of Hostile Vehicle Mitigation controls. Their work is highly professional, accurate, always reliable and adds significant value to the important projects we undertake together.”
Stephen Frost, Managing Director, Risk Group